(+) Bruno Mars - Chunky [Official Audio]

She got to shake her little something(shake her little something), oohThrowing that thing from left, right, side to sideShe got to have her own money(she got her own money), oh yeahShout out to the girls that pay they rent on timeIf you ain't here to party take your ass back homeIf you getting naugh […]

(+) Do not Forsake Me

Do not forsake me oh my darling on this our wedding dayDo not forsake me oh my darling wait wait alongI do not know what fate awaits me I only know I must be braveAnd I must face the man who hates meOr lie a coward a craven coward or lie a coward in my graveOh to be torn twixt love and duty spposin' […]

(+) Distant Drums

Distant drum (변방의 북소리) - Jim Reeves I hear the sound of distant drums Far away, Far away 먼 곳에서 드럼 치는 소리가 들려요저 먼 곳에서, 아주 먼 곳에서 And if they call for me to come Then I must go and you must stay 저들이 나에게 오라하면나는 가야 하고 그대는 머물러 있어야 해요 So Mary marry me, let's not wait Let's share all the time we can before […]

(+) Drake - Controlla (Old School R&B Medley)

[HOOK:]Why don't you just keep it realLet her know just how you feelIf you love her let her go, her goWhen you met her it was goodYou did everything you couldIf you love her let her go, her go[VERSE 1:]You out here every nightLiving your secret lifeWhile you keep her at homeOn lockdown so she's all […]

(+) Detroit City

I want to go home, I want to go home,Oh Lord, I want to go home,Last night I went to sleep in Detroit city,And I dreamed about those cotton fields and home,I dreamed about my mother, dear old papa, sister and brother,And I dreamed about that girl,whose been waitin' for so long,I want to go home, I w […]

원더걸스 (+) This Fool (이 바보)

친구들이 내게 니가 나를 좋아하는 것 같데나도 왠지 그런 느낌은 가지고 있었지만혹시 아님 어쩌나 괜히 혼자 바보같이 그럼 어쩌나그런 걱정에 어떻게 해야할줄 모르고 있었어(너를 볼때마다) 니 마음을 읽으려 애를 써봐도(매번 볼때마다) 난 다른 느낌을 받어 도무지 모르겠어*나를 좋아하면 어서 말을 걸어왜 이렇게 자꾸 내맘을 애태워좋아한다면 제발 용기를 내줘난 널 기다리는데 너는 왜 못오는데 이바보언제까지 계속 그렇게 날 바라보기만 할래내 눈을 바라봐 나에게 다가오라고 하잖아계속 망설이다가 다른 용기있는 애가 먼저 다가와나를 데려가고 나 […]

(+) Daydream Beliver

Daydream Believer: Anne MurrayOh I could hide 'neath the wings of the blue bird as she singsThe six o'clock alarm would never ringBut it rings and we rise wipe the sleep out of our eyesThe shaving razor's cold and it stings.CHORUS:Cheer up sleepy Jean Oh what can it meanTo a daydream beliver and a h […]

ONE OK ROCK (+) Take what you want (featuring 5 Seconds of Summer)

バイクに乘りはじめて바이쿠니 노리 하지메테(자전거를 타기 시작하면서)スケボ-は しまったままさ스케보와 시맛타 마마사(스케이트보드는 버려진채)空き地ができてるけど아키치가 데키테루케도(공터가 생겨나기 시작했지만)ここに何が あったのか忘れてる코코니 나니가 앗타노카 와스레테루(여기에 무엇이 있었는지 잊어가고 있어)一人で 觀覽車に乘ってみた히토리데 칸란샤니 놋테미타(홀로 관람차를 타보았다)自分のこと 寫眞にとった지분노 코토 샤신니 톳타(자신을 사진에 담았다)手をのばして 屆きそうで테오 노바시테 토도키소오데(손을 뻗으면 닿을것 같아서)つかもうとした時 ふと […]

(+) Cripple Creek

Sybil sits in a rocking chair Chewing tobacco and spitting out cares Sound of a fiddle floating thru the air From the Jones boy across the holler From the Jones boy across the way Backwoods folks take sides from the middle Backwoods folks is old and brittle But they sway like a tree to the sound o […]

(+) Marshmello - Summer (Official Music Video) with Lele Pons

Live onEndless running - rivers redI see the ruins fallen in my headNo sign of liberty on any faceLost by the tears of more than one raceMore than one raceUnder illusions of hostilityWe sleep in doubt restlesslyOutside the walls in cinder we layA silent voice against the crimson skyCrimson skyLive o […]