Mark Wills (+) Help me fall

It's undeniable, that we should be together It's unbelievable, how I used to say that I'd fall never The basis you need to know you know just how I feel And let me show you now that I'm for real If all things in time time will reveal One: you're like a dream come true Two: just wanna be with you T […]

nonstop slows (+) non stop slows

Jp}아주오래전 기억이나. 바로넌.기억속에 얼굴붉히던, 넌 교복을 입고 누구와도 비할수 없는 바로 그 미소.난 항상 그 모습에 넋을 잃지. 한장의 사진처럼 남아있지.항상 한손에는 보온 and on 분홍색 코끼리 도시락통찰랑대는 머릿결 뽐내며. 어디서나 항상 튀는 모습 huh.대체 무슨 비누인지 너무나도 고운 피부니게 말 한마디 건낼용기 엄두도 안났지.허나 그렇게 널 바라보는 것 만으로 내게는 큰 행복이었네.허구헌 날 매일 같이. 너의 머리부터 다리 까지. 흘끗흘끗 쳐다보다눈이라도 마주치면 홍당무돼 요러케 저러케 몸둘 바 몰랐지누구든 […]

Byul (별) - 그래도 그대니까 (OST Wild Romance Part 3) (+) Byul (별) - 그래도 그대니까 (OST Wild Romance Part 3)

아직 잘 모르죠 웃는 얼굴에 가린 내 눈물을 그댄 아마 모를꺼야똑같은 사랑을 똑같이 하는데 왜 혼자만 아파할까요내게 망설일 이유 뭐가 있다고 왜 자꾸 약한 날 흔들어놓죠 하루에도 난 수십번씩 거짓말을 하죠 그댈 사랑하지 않는다고 그댈 너무 많이 미워한다고 (헌데) 어떡하나요 나는 그댈 벗어날 수 없으니 사랑하나봐요 매일 내 안에 있어 매일 나를 울리는 그대니까오늘도 휑하니 가슴이 저려와요 불쑥 불쑥 고개드는 이 외로움똑같은 사랑을 똑같이 하는데 왜 혼자만 아파할까요내게 망설일 이유 뭐가 있다고 왜 자꾸 약한 날 흔들어놓죠 하루에도 […]

Mark Wills (+) I do cherish you

All I am, All I'll be Everything in the world, all I'll ever need Is in your eyes, shining at me When you smile I can feel all my passion unfolding Your hair brushes mine And a thousand sensations seduce me 'cause Chorus: I do, cherish you For the rest of my life You don't have to think twice I w […]

don williams (+) We got love

Harry Truman was our president A coke an burger cost you thirty cents I was still in love with Mavis Brown On the night Hank Williams came to town. "I Love Lucy" debuted on TV That was one big event we didn't see 'Cause no one stayed at home for miles around It was the night Hank Williams c […]

Jonh Micheal Montgomery (+) Cloud 8

I hear 'em laughing on cloud 9 In a world so happy just above mine No one's leaving like you left me They got each other got all they need, but Here on cloud 8 A lotta nothing's going on I'm just drifting day to day Out here on my own While up on cloud 9 I hear 'em party all the time They don't he […]

Spice girls. (+) Good bye

no no no no (x3) listen little child, there will come a day when you will be able, able to say never mind the pain, or the aggravation you know there's a better ay, for you and me to be look for a rainbow in every storm fly like an angel, heaven sent to me ((chorus)) goodbye my friend (i know you' […]

Mark Wills (+) Love is alive

Emily sat right next to me Five days a week on the same bus seat For a girl, she was pretty cool She wore an old ball cap, hated lace Played a mean short stop and second base Never missed a day of Sunday School And I never told a soul back then But Emily Harper was my best friend We carved our na […]

YUJU - Hero (Mariah Carey) (+) YUJU - Hero (Mariah Carey)

There's a hero If you look inside your heart You don't have to be afraid of what you are There's an answer If you reach into your soul and the sorrow that you know will melt away *And then a hero comes along with the strength to carry on and you cast your fears aside and you know you can survive s […]

Mark Wills (+) The perfect conversation

In the perfect conversation we're standing at the station And you're begging me, "please don't go" You say, "the only thing that matters in this world Is that we need each other so" In the perfect conversation without any hesitation I tell you, I was wrong I say, "girl, you know sometimes my faith […]