Jim Reeves (+) i can't stop loving you

I can't stop loving you I've made up my mind To live in memori-i-ies Of old lonesome time. I can't stop wanting you It's useless to say So I'll just live my life In dreams of yesterday. Those happy hours That we once new Though long ago Still make me blue. They say that time Heals a broken heart […]

Jim Reeves (+) Track No01

Honor and respect from around the world All ragga muffin Glew Look out for the Lion and the Tiger 옛날 옛날 옛날 한 옛날에 호랑이가 담배피던 시절로 나는 돌아가고 싶네 (back in the days) 나는 돌아 가고 싶네 코끼리는 코 길어도 상관없고 목이 긴 기린 목도 상관없고 나는 돌아 가고 싶네 (back in the days) 나는 돌아가고 싶네 깊은 산속에 아무 걱정없는 나 슬렁 슬렁 거리면서 저 깊은 산속에 으르러렁 으르러렁 […]

Mark Wills (+) Permanently

I've got you under my skin I feel you coursing through my veins I don't know where to begin To talk about somethin' That's never gonna change I don't have to tell my body to breathe And I don't know how to tell you how much I believe that You're a part of every heartbeat that keeps me alive You're […]

Allan Jackson (+) Here In A real

눈물은 거짓이 없어 땅에 뿌려진 만큼 너를 자라나게 할 테니 그저 견딜만큼만 아주 조금만 내게 다가왔음을 감사해 니가 흘린 땀들이 모여 새로운 문이 열릴 거야 낯선 세계에 대한 두려움 인생의 계단인거야 When you saw I believe 넌 아직 넌 이제 시작이야 너만의 세상이 시작되는거야 그토록 원하던 어른이 되는 거야 모든 선택의 저울이 손안에 있는거야 두려워 하지마 답답해 하지마 Welcome to the real world Welcome to the real world 너의 눈물이 만든 넓은 바다위 생각하는 대로 흘러가 […]

Yerin Baek (백예린) - Love you on Christmas (+) Yerin Baek (백예린) - Love you on Christmas

Christmas stockings line the fireplace Fire shadow dancing on your face There is nothing served better Than this moment together I have Christmas, love and you You and I as one perfectly It's like heaven's hands made you for me There is nothing served better Thank this moment together I have Christ […]

WEST LIFE (+) Close Your Eyes

(Intro) If you wanna know (Verse 1) Tomorrow morning I have to leave But where ever I may be Best believe I’m thinking of you I can’t believe how much I love All we have is here tonight We don’t want to waste this time Give me something to remember Baby put your lips on mine (Bridge) An […]

(+) west life 12

So here we stand In our secret place With a sound of the crowd So far away? And you take my hand And it feels like home We both understand it's where we belong So how do I say? Do I say goodbye? We both have our dreams We both wanna fly? So let's take tonight? To carry us through? The lonely times […]

artist (+) Love Found Me

you call it love they are things i need to say 'bout the way i fell when your arms are all around me you call it love words i'd heard that sound do fine meaningless each time till you came and found me * see, the ground is slowly turning dizzily, easily feel the way my heart is burning secretly, i […]

Mark Chesnutt (+) Ol' Country

I drove down to The Trap but the joint was closedLately they've been droppin' like DominosAll of my favorite waterin' holes are dryin' upTell me is it too much for a man to askTo hear Haggard and Jones sing CC WaterbackWith the lights so lowAnd cold drafts will cost you one buckEnough's enough.Someb […]

Kim So Hee, Song Yu Vin - 우연한 일들 [싸우자 귀신아 - Lets Fight Ghost OST Part3] (+) Kim So Hee, Song Yu Vin - 우연한 일들 [싸우자 귀신아 - Lets Fight Ghost OST Part3]

Love you I need you 너를 안고 싶던 날 떠오르는 수많은 말들 안된다고 참아왔지 Love you I need you 다 느껴지는데 한걸음이면 될텐데 왜 그리 망설여요 떠날까봐 내가 부담스러워질까봐 다정한 말 한마디 못하고 I'm just waiting for you 우리가 너무나 달콤한 꿈을 꾸는 날 서로의 마음을 알게 되고 떨리는 가슴을 느껴 언제가 그대와 영원한 꿈을 꾸는 날 눈감는 순간까지 하나 그대 마음 속에 살고 싶은 나 I know you I see you 익숙한 마음인데 설명하기가 어려워 모른척 넘어가요 […]